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Since we are all from different cities maybe some of us could meet during the burning man festival. I will be going this year and for me it is a great oportunity to meet with other polyamorists. So let's hook up there.
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    Check out Poly Paradise. They will be at 7:30 - Eager/Fate. We will be at Greeter's Camp at Wheel of Fortune And Anxious.
    • I don't know yet where I will camp.

      do you know if PolyParadise has some special activities?
      I remenber that every evening everybody get naked and shower each other with spray bottle, right?
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        Check out the Playa Calendar on the Burning Man site for more details but I understand that they will be holding Poly High Tea from 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM and Human Carcass Wash from 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM. I'm not camping with them but I understand that there will be more activities for their camp members and their guess.
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    I'm going!

    My BF and I will both be at BM. I am seriously looking forward to meeting other polys! I am also a member of LoveTribe. I will be working at the Black Rock Roller Disco, part of the time. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like to meet up!
  • I'll be camping with Kostume Kult (Esplanade and 7:45). My partner and I plan on stopping by PolyParadise a few times, to check out the scene (I'm a virgin burner, but in a long time open relationship that has included as many as 5 at one point in time). Besides, they're next to one of the many NYC burner camps, so I'd be visiting friends across the street anyway.
    Look forward to meeting some of you!!
  • I will be at the Pink Flamingo Lounge on Anxiety and 4:30 - should be right behind the Lost Penguins as they are our sister camp. Daily happy hour (4-8pm) drinks at the bar with DJ's and a stripper pole. Early in the week I will be found building the big-assed Sugar Cube on the 6pm spoke near the MAN. Stop by and say "Hi"!
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    I would LOVE to meet other poly people who are not in my immediate community or linked to my immediate community to chat with at Burning Man. I am very much struggling with a new relationship my partner is having and I think the hardest part of it is that I dont have anyone I feel safe talking about my fears and insecurities with other than my partner who I am sure is tired of hearing about this. I am a pretty private person and I hate that my local community is as incestious and gossipy as it is. I hate being involved in the rumor mill so I dont get involved in conversations with people who are in my immedaite community. I think part of what makes this so hard on me is that I feel so alone. It is nice to read other threads on polyamory and know that I am not the only person that feels a certain way when dealing with polyamory.

    I will be with Terra Nova at 9:00 and destiny.
    • << I am a pretty private person and I hate that my local community is as incestious and gossipy as it is. I hate being involved in the rumor mill so I dont get involved in conversations with people who are in my immedaite community. >>

      Same here. That's the primary reason why I keep my postings to very general neutral topics (like condom recommendations), and stay well clear of personal relationship issues, even if the thread topic relates to my own life.
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        I so very much understand where you are coming from.
        • Yup same here, especially now. I feel like I want to make a tribe "alter ego" that I can use for things closer to home. I have shared some stories here, but only the ones most of my peeps know about. Would doing that be bad form, or possibly creepy? Or would it just be obvious?

          Anyway, if you are on the playa at night, I'll be the guy in the orange fur leisure suit w/ matching fez.
  • will be at paraise with one of my partners for tea at least a few times, it's really an ideal spot to meet and hook up, there's sooomany cool folks there to talk to!
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      Poly Paradise is a great camp. Really great people who run it, close friends and also members of my community. I will definitly be there Wednesday night for the AZ Burners potluck. Will probably stop in a couple of times at while I am out and about.
  • me and my SO will be camped at 8:45 and Chance - also working the med aid station at 9:00 - ask for Robyn or Steve or just stop by - look for the trailer with the "OWL CROSSING" sign on it - gonna try and find Poly Paradise this year - couldn't last year but we have lots more time. Will be there a whole 10 days - leaving in a week - woohoo can almost smell the playa

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